Christmas decorations

- Aug 28, 2017-

Christmas Socks

The first was a pair of big red socks, the size of the informal. Because Christmas stockings are used for gifts, they are children's favorite things, at night they will hang their socks in bed, waiting for the next morning gifts.

Christmas hat

is a red hat, said to put on sleep at night, in addition to sleep soundly and a little warm, the next day you will find in the hat more than a few loved gifts sent.


Christmas decorations include Christmas decorations and Christmas lights, decorated with garlands and evergreen, and special holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. In South America and a few European regions, traditional outdoor lighting is decorated with lights, including snow-decorated sleds, snowmen and other Christmas images. Holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. The city authorities also support Christmas decorations, hang Christmas banners on streets or place Christmas trees in squares.