Easter holiday significance

- Aug 28, 2017-

Resurrection Sunday, as mentioned above, was not dedicated to the original retreat, because the eve of the vigil usually extended to Sunday morning. Ceremony to attend this Sunday day's evacuation. This can be seen as a continuation celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Many of the members of the congregation who have not participated in the eve of the resurrection, therefore, mention the importance of the pre-night vigil, in particular the explanation of the resurrection candle beside the altar, to make the congregation aware of the range of the Passover and its unity. The Mass scriptures express the awe and joy that the church is imbued with the resurrection of Jesus. In the hall chant first declares the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus: "The Lord is really resurrected, Arilua." Today's mourner Prayer Sutra, the Gift Sutra, the communion of the Eucharist and the Sonche words all emphasize the relationship between the Passover and our lives.