The culture of Christmas

- Aug 28, 2017-

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From the initial religious festivals, developed into a global festival. The religious connotations of Christmas are gradually blended with cultural traditions around the world. Some are evolved on the basis of religious culture and become more colorful Christmas religious culture. Some are becoming secular, commercialized and even politicized.

In the case of a Christmas tree, there is no Christmas tree in the Greek tradition, but this does not mean that Christmas cannot be or must not have a Christmas tree. The United States has a tradition of placing Christmas trees. Many children in Western countries have been told from a young age that Santa Claus enters the house from the chimney and then quietly puts the gift in the socks of the good boy's bedside. Children who have a decline in their schoolwork tend to be admonished by parents or teachers for gifts that may not be given to Santa Claus. A of New York's upper-state teachers told students in class at the end of last month that "there is no Santa Claus in the world," adding that the Christmas tree presents their parents there, and is forced to apologise for triggering parental controversy.