The customs of Thanksgiving Day

- Aug 28, 2017-

In customs, the United States and Canada are basically the same, eating vulgar: Eat roast turkey, pumpkin pie, raspberry berry jam, sweet potato, maize; Activities include: Play the cranberry race, corn games, Pumpkin race, a costume parade, theatrical performances or sporting events and other collective activities, and the corresponding holiday 2 days, people in the distance will go home and family reunion. It has also formed the habit of exempting turkeys, black Friday shopping.

There are many similarities between Thanksgiving Day in the United States and Canada, such as full flowering fruit grains symbolizing fertile goat horns (cornucopia) and pumpkin pie (pumpkin pie). Canada's Thanksgiving dinner table food is often different from the region and time, some are deer meat and waterfowl, some ducks wild goose, but currently mainly Turkey and ham.