The origins of Thanksgiving Day

- Aug 28, 2017-

Let us reflect on the past when we plan to celebrate the "Thanksgiving" of "Americans" (the descendants of Europeans who conquered America). In fact, the origin of Thanksgiving is just a legend, and this legend is not recognized by the Indians, the truth is that Thanksgiving is the white invasion of the Americas, to celebrate the massacre of the Indians to win the festival.

In 1621, 129 years after the European invasion of America, it was said that it had its first Thanksgiving. In the legend, the British settlers of the Plms colonies celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time. The Pilgrims from England arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 by the Mayflower. With the help of local Indians, they learned to grow corn, hunting, fishing and other skills. During the second year of celebrating the harvest, British settlers invited the Indians to thank God for their kindness and therefore had the first Thanksgiving. In the legend, the first celebration of the feast lasted three days, the Pilgrims and the Indians together to share the good food after the harvest.

But the three-day feast did not leave any historical records, and the surviving Indians did not recognize the legend. The truth is that, as a result of the plague brought by Europeans, the Indians died like flies, now the Connecticut State Pequot Tribe (a branch of the Indians), 8000 people arrived in Europe, only 1500 were left in 1637, and that was the first time that white officials had celebrated Thanksgiving, when whites celebrated their slaughter of Pequot in the Connecticut Valley.