Analysis On The Advantages Of The Simulation Flower Of Home Ornament

- Aug 28, 2017-

Green Environment

Artificial flower raw materials are mainly: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, but also the use of resin clay material made of materials, in addition to metal rods, glass tubes, blow molding paper, fiber silk, decorative paper, ribbons, these materials are no pollution or pollution is very small. Because the material elasticity can match the special height, the shape model, and may protect the evergreen, breaks the genuine limit. Vivid image, lively, completely can be compared with the flowers and plants.

It is not easy to grow a plant in the room, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this goal of artificial flowers and plants, can remain bright for a long period of four seasons as if, will not be like the planting of flowers will wither and dry.

Easy Maintenance

The leaves of artificial flowers are not moldy or decayed, no watering, no breeding of mosquitoes and flies; artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save water, pruning, smelting insects and other troubles; artificial flowers do not have to photosynthesis, more children have no side effects, this is very suitable for families with children and the elderly and couples to work in the family;

Artificial flowers

Some are also significantly lower than true flower grass, transport facilitation, easy to carry: in the need to change the design, the combination of the new, can vary the atmosphere. Suitable for the public to beautify the environment, and enduring.