Easter Egg

- Aug 28, 2017-

Easter chocolate eggs are put out in the candy shop once Christmas. The smallest and the simplest of the tricks are cheap, and the children can buy them with their own pocket money. There are two kinds of eggs listed in this period. A small one called square denier sugar, long a inches a little more, outside is a thin layer of chocolate, inside is sweet and soft dough, and then the color of foil paper packaging into various shapes. The other is an empty egg, a little larger, generally bigger than the duck's egg. There is nothing inside, just wrapped in a chocolate shell. Just break the shell and eat the chocolate chip. When Easter is near, the Candy shop window will be filled with more exquisite eggs. There are also a variety of small gifts to entice children to sell. A chicken stuffed with plush wool, and a chick's mouth and feet are glued to a card. Lucky children may get several of these gifts from relatives and friends.