Easter Holiday Break

- Aug 28, 2017-

The German government has set the Easter break for two days. In the festival, family reunion, tasting a variety of traditional food, relatives and friends to meet each other to congratulate each other. Symbolize the life of eggs, fire, water, rabbit and so on as the Easter mascot. Eggs and rabbits are a symbol of new life and prosperity in the west. The color of the egg symbolizes the sun, and the egg dyed red symbolizes the happiness of life. During Easter, parents are prepared to make their eggs, rabbit-shaped chocolate candy specially for their children. Friends and relatives to give each other eggs. The ancient custom of "egg tree" has been preserved in some towns in the Middle Rhine and Hesse east. People put hundreds of eggshell paint, string into the egg chain, on Easter Day hanging on the pine tree, made of eggs, adult children around the egg tree singing, dancing, celebrating Easter. The girls in the Alps express their love by giving red eggs. On Easter Day, if the girl gives three red eggs to a young man, she says the girl is courting the young man. There is a legend about the rabbit's Easter mascot.