Home Soft Ornaments Display Tips

- Aug 28, 2017-

Combined with the overall style of home

Decorate the new home when, first of all will determine the approximate style and tone, according to this unified tone to decorate not easy error. For example, simple home design, with a sense of design home jewelry is very suitable for the entire space personality; if it is the natural style of the country, on the natural wind of the home jewelry mainly; if fashionable and modern style, to color and set up a personalized fashion with the main jewelry, you can refer to the company's Web site works, you can learn how to display home accessories.

Second, jewelry placed before a large level of clear

Decorations can be arranged according to the concept of symmetry and harmony. When there are large furniture, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid the visual sense of uncoordinated. or to maintain the center of gravity of the two jewelry, for example, two of the same style of lamps juxtaposed, two color pattern of the same pillow-side, so not only to create a harmonious sense of rhythm, but also to give people a peaceful and warm feeling. In addition, placing jewelry before the small after a large level of clear, little items placed in the front row, can create a harmonious sense of rhythm, such a glance to highlight the characteristics of each ornament, in the visual will feel very comfortable.