The Mainstream Flower Of Easter

- Aug 28, 2017-

Easter, is the Western festival, you must not think that the Easter holiday in every one years is fixed that day oh. Easter is the first Sunday after the vernal equinox.

On Easter Day, it is everywhere to see the beautiful lilies of the shadow, the charming lilies symbolize the sanctity and purity: people love to look for in the spring, Easter around the time of the blooming lilies to represent the heart of Jesus Christ's holiness. The lily, shaped like a trumpet, is just as loudly proclaiming the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in our hearts. In particular, the white iron cannon lilies are regarded as their "resurrection Flower" in Christianity, representing the purity and sanctity of the heart, absolutely an indispensable flower in Easter, so its English name is called easterlily. The smell of the iron cannon Lily is very strong, the shape is extremely attractive, so the world also called it Musk Lily.

The only minority Sorbian people in Germany celebrated the resurrection of Jesus in the form of the Hundred-horse chorus.

。 The Sorbian people, dressed in black tops and black hats, rode on the forest path, riding on a horse decorated with ribbons, flowers and white shells. They walked along with the rugged voice singing hymn, the scene is very spectacular.