The Simulation Of Home Jewelry Flower Advantage

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, gorgeous color, chic style, dignified and elegant, save time for long, four seasons such as spring in bloom;

2, the cost price is far below the flower, the market profit space is big;

3, a variety of varieties, will not be due to seasonal changes in the phenomenon of shortage;

4, pollen allergy to the flower lovers, can rest assured that the enjoyment of bold;

5, hand-lovers in the leisure entertainment, but also got a of the right gift and beauty of the enjoyment;

6, the work gives the friend, is the rare individuality gift, and makes oneself fills the work the achievement feeling.

7, the simulation flower cent silk flower, the silk flower, the plastic flowers.

Reasonable placement

To combine some home furnishings to make it a part of the visual focus, it is important to have a symmetrical sense of balance. When there are large furniture, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid the visual sense of uncoordinated. or to maintain the center of gravity of the two jewelry, for example, two of the same style of lamps juxtaposed, two color pattern of the same pillow-side, so not only to create a harmonious sense of rhythm, but also to give people a peaceful and warm feeling.